Any recruiter can tell you that recruiting is not an easy industry! There are, in fact, no concrete qualifications required to work as a recruiter; we don’t have to earn a degree in a specific field or take a qualifying exam. As such, there is no one regulating the standards by which recruiters practice.

Today, most recruiters hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher), often in psychology or business, and possess certain soft skills to deal with a great number of people. Still, there are limited standards maintaining a certain level of knowledge among recruiters. However, certified recruiters are attempting to change this!

There are a small number of different certifications available to those of us recruiters who want to improve the practices in our industry. The National Association of Personnel Services was the first organization to initiate a high level of standards for the recruiting industry, and created the first certification in the industry! (The Certified Personnel Consultant or CPC, which I hold!) The American Staffing Association later created their certification. LinkedIn and AIRS also created certifications in sourcing methods and more. And, SHRM has recently announced a new recruiter certification of their own will be debuting soon.

Why should you hire a certified recruiter?

Certified recruiters are more committed, bottom line. The certification process is a time-consuming, costly and intensive investment. Depending on the exact certification, online courses, examinations, in-person training sessions and tuition fees are required. Working towards a certification indicates that one is committed to their career in recruiting for the long-term.

Certification ensures that a recruiter is knowledgeable about a variety of topics that may be very helpful to you. Most certified recruiters complete a rigorous curriculum focused on employment and labor laws at the Federal and State levels, certifying their ability to work with both clients and candidates adhering to Federal and State laws and regulations. Among other subjects as well, recruiters are educated on how to write job descriptions, where best to source candidates online, how to screen and interview, how to structure and present offers and rejections, and how to keep new hires happy and stationary. Not only is a certified recruiter a more knowledgeable recruiter, but a certification separates the true professionals from the rookies.

Certified recruiters stay up-to-date. Most certifications require holders to maintain a certain number of educational credits each year in order to keep their certification. To achieve this, certified recruiters must partake in regular reading, webinars and training sessions. This ensures that any certified recruiter remains in the know on the latest updates in employment laws, staffing strategies, and industry advances.

When selecting which recruiter you want to represent your company, it’s important to choose the best. By deciding on a certified recruiter, you are guaranteed to work with someone who is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry. You’re choosing an expert.

Full transparency: I am the President of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services and I sit on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Personnel Services. If you have any questions about certification or would like to learn how you can become certified, let me know. I’m happy to help.