After the whole interviewing and hiring process, it might feel tempting to finally get back to business. Interview feedback has been a hot topic of discussion in the HR industry, and a growing petition is helping to shine a light on the matter. Feedback — no matter what kind — is so important! Without any feedback, a rejection is just that: a cold hard no. But insight into why their skills may or may not have been a good fit for that particular position can leave a positive impression which might pay off somewhere down the road.

Straying from routines can be difficult. It’s totally understandable that the feedback step hasn’t been a part of many folks’ hiring processes, but with the issue gaining traction it might be time to think about adding it to yours.


A company’s relationship with an unsuccessful candidate doesn’t have to end after the interview. How hiring managers conduct themselves throughout all stages of the interview process speaks volumes to potential employees. Given that the hiring manager is the first (and often only) point of contact for candidates, their communication undoubtedly influences their first impressions of the company as a whole. There’s a strong possibility that there will never be another interaction between you and rejected candidates. Take advantage of this opportunity and benefit from them probably telling others how great of an experience it was.


You already have lines of communication to candidates, so take a few minutes next time to reach out! If you’re not sure what to comment on or can’t think of the right way to say it, give us a shout. This is what we’re most good at-protecting your image, selling your organization and keeping those candidates you reject as your customers! Working to stay in the good graces of candidate pools is a no-brainer investment you don’t want out miss out on!

Thanks for reading!