Seller’s Market

Just like any economy, the recruiting landscape is built upon supply and demand. As times change and the balance swings, it’s up to recruiters to adapt or get left behind. We’re in a seller’s market these days, there’s no doubt about that. The top candidates have plenty of options, and are able to get themselves out on the market without raising any alarm at their current workplace. The internet allows folks from across the globe to share with each other things like company information and employee experiences. Compensation is often readily available as well, so candidates are able to value themselves and what they bring to the table with the click of a mouse. Assume the person you’re interviewing has performed their due diligence, because technology makes it unbelievably easy. Be ready to make your move, too, because as demand grows the competition does as well. Act quickly if you’re buying what they’re selling!

Employer Brand vs. Personal Brand

A company’s employer brand is often connected to its overall corporate brand. This can have a profound effect on the caliber of candidates who walk through the door. Attracting top talent with a negative image is difficult. Being associated with a company known for its poor values can tarnish employees’ personal brand, so it’s understandable why this can become a hurdle. Your employer brand can change quickly, so always keep an ear out for what is being said about working for you. Make yourself familiar with online communities such as Glassdoor, where past and present employees are able to leave feedback on their experiences. Candidates visiting for an interview can also be a great source of this kind of information, but don’t try to squeeze it out of them either. The last thing we want is for someone to feel like they were used for intel rather than actually being considered.

What you can do!

Walk yourself all the way through your own hiring process, from beginning to end. Read and re-read every single word of job postings, and double check that the process is a smooth one for interested parties. Don’t let great talent slip through the cracks because of a typo that sends their info to a non-existent mailbox just one letter off from yours! Listen to all of your employees concerns, even the rookies. Newcomers that have just gone through the hiring process can provide first hand insight. Giving them a voice will boost confidence and morale, and leave a lasting impression they might just talk about ten years from now. Most employees are too intimidated to point out mistakes or criticize set processes, so make sure they are comfortable and keep communication channels open. Who knows what a fresh pair of eyes might just catch?

How can we help?

We can absolutely help you find that perfect fit. We work hard to manage candidate expectations in today’s market, ensuring your brand is properly represented along the way. 99% of our placements are happily on the job three years later. Whether you’re in a tight spot with a critical hiring need on your hands, or simply want to share your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here for YOU!

Thanks for reading!