One of the biggest perks in our industry is the ability to connect with so many great people and develop a supportive network. The amount of feedback from last time was so encouraging, I wanted to share some of the great ideas that we received. Collaboration is key, and reading your input sparked some very interesting conversations. Below are a few of the topics we felt stood out, and might serve as helpful reminders for you and your team!

Embrace the Digital Age

Technology is all around us. Smartphones have basically become part of our bodies, as they seem to travel everywhere with us. We can buy things with one click of a button, from anywhere, at any time. For the majority of the current workforce, the millennials, this convenience is nothing new. That’s why a growing number of companies are focusing on making the application process quicker, easier, and more accessible. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 84 percent of companies are using social media for recruiting purposes.

Money Talks

As our world demands more and more transparency, it’s becoming less and less taboo to discuss compensation during the hiring process. Salaries, perks, and employee experience are all easily attainable through platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. A surprising amount of negotiating power has shifted from information-guarding employers to well-prepared candidates, and a reluctance to be open can certainly be a red flag to applicants. Here are a few ways to tackle the sticky subject:

Research beforehand. Have competitive salary and compensation ready to discuss.
Instead of letting candidates wait, wonder, and probably worry, tackle the subject early. This can help to ease their nerves and encourage them to open up a little more.
Think big picture. The dollars and cents are important, but try to incorporate things like company culture, training opportunities, and other perks into your selling of the position!

Death of the Performance Review

Often dreaded by both employees and managers alike, the typical performance review is a look back at everything the employee did in the past six to twelve months. Change is on the horizon, however, as a growing number of forward-thinking managers are adopting systems of more frequent performance meetings with employees. One driver of this change is the growing number of millennials in the workforce. According to a study by HighGround, the significant majority of millennial managers – 82 percent – have their employees set performance goals quarterly or more frequently. In addition to reviewing the employee, checking in regularly will help to keep goals aligned as well as provide the opportunity for managers to get feedback on their own performance.

As always, comments and suggestions are most welcome and we look forward to continuing to share our knowledge!

Thanks for reading!