For job seekers, the stress of their situation can be a bit… overwhelming at times. Applications, interviews, and rejections lie on the road to career advancement, and for some it can be a real doozie of a journey to find that perfect fit. By creating a hiring culture that embraces as pleasant a candidate experience as possible, you can turn your applicant pool into a powerhouse recruiting and marketing tool. Here are a few steps you can take to help them help you:

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

We’ve all been on the job hunt before. When planning or improving your hiring process, keep the applicants’ experience as high a priority as possible. Yes your ultimate goal is to fill a specific position, but understanding their point of view will only strengthen your ability to relate. Consider having a team member go through your hiring process as an applicant, you never know what you might find!

Keep Them In The Loop

Too many times job postings list requirements like “excellent communication” and “team player” yet leave unwanted applicants hanging out to dry. A study by CareerArc last year found that 65 percent of job applicants who didn’t get a job they applied for were never notified of the employer’s’ decision. This isn’t fair to applicants, and it’s definitely a bad look for companies. With the internet and social media, it’s an even more dangerous move as each and every applicant has an online voice.

Give Them A Voice

OK, so the internet isn’t so bad. If you’ve created a positive experience for your applicants, you’ve just given yourself a huge leg up in the realm of recruiting. Not only should you maintain communication with candidates and try to get feedback, but now you get to use the power of the internet and social media to your advantage. Encourage them to share their experience on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn!

Candidate experience lies at the heart of solid recruiting. Those who are hired after a great and positive hiring experience hit the ground running. Those who are not hired after a great and positive hiring experience will walk away feeling respected and be more likely to praise your company’s HR. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts as we kick off the spring!

Thanks for reading!