When dealing with people, nothing is certain. Today works for you but not for them, tomorrow works for them but not you. Something came up and they, or you, need to reschedule. Once in awhile we even get to play a fun little game of phone tag! In the world of recruiting you really never know what’s waiting around the corner, and so preparedness is absolutely paramount to a good recruiter. Here are a few quick thoughts on what can go wrong (or right!):

Don’t Miss a Step

The hiring process is draining for everyone involved. Time-intensive tasks, like writing job descriptions, digging through stacks of resumes, and scheduling candidate visits, can make getting it right the first time a huge advantage for companies in today’s fiercely competitive world of business. With so many moving parts, it’s important to hire someone who can keep your team pushing forward. Hiring and bringing up to speed more than one person for the same position is a setback no company looks forward to.

Quality, meet Quantity

You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity” before, right? Have you ever stopped and wondered why you only get to choose one? Successful hiring requires both, and getting the right person with the right skills into the right seat at the right time can be challenging. Snap hiring decisions might lead to bad hires, while taking too long will only cost clients time and money.

Trust the Process

The benefits of a solid, trusting relationship with your recruiter can have a lasting impact on the quality of your hires. They can help guide you through the chaos while protecting your company’s reputation. They can dive deep into candidate pools to find someone with the skillset you need. The right recruiter will know your future hiring needs, plan ahead, and even be able to offer you access to passive candidates before they hit the open market.

The steps you take to build this relationship can truly make a difference in the quality of your workforce, and ultimately the success of your company. If you’d like to review how your process is working (or not), call me for a free consultation. Let’s get you going in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!