Out with the old, in with the new! As we begin our next journey around the sun, it’s time to prepare for what is expected to be a crazy and interesting year. Last year was all about employer branding and work-life balance, with many top candidates prioritizing things like company culture and location over pay. Although it’s still too early to tell what trends will dominate in 2017, here are a few tips to be ready when they do show up:

Information is King

2017 will be a very important year to stay informed. Between the continuing advancement of technology, changing industry trends and a new presidential administration, there will be plenty to keep up with. The sharpest recruiters will keep their clients up to date with industry trends and the current talent landscape, enabling them to compete for top tier candidates. On the flip side, maintaining a clean company reputation is just as important. With the amount of information accessible online, candidates are no doubt doing their own due diligence.

Valuable Time

We’ve talked about how the internet has changed the hiring game. In this job seeker’s market, communication is instant and timing is everything. The top candidates are often juggling multiple opportunities, and moving too slow can result in top prospects slipping through your fingers and into the hands of competitors. Acting in a timely manner will also show candidates that their time is valuable, and will reflect positively on your company (even in the case of a rejection).

Open Your i(Phone)

Mobile, mobile, mobile. We’re in an age where carrying a handheld computer-phone-hybrid in your pocket or purse is the norm, and corresponding with someone via email can be done with a single hand. It’s also become totally normal for candidates to use their phone to plan their next career move. Whether browsing LinkedIn on their lunch break or spending their commute home filling out applications, these days almost all of a candidate’s search happens from a mobile device. Having a mobile strategy to connect with this audience should be a priority as more and more Millennials continue to enter the workforce.

So how are you planning to tackle the challenges that 2017 has to offer? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!